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Deal Light offers professional on-site WiFi, internet, and network connectivity support. This includes both WiFi and hardwired connections. We troubleshoot internet connectivity issues, resolve them, and make every effort that they don’t reoccur.

WiFi & Router Setup

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Network Setup

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Tech Support

Connectivity issues can be an extremely frustrating problem many experience. Problems such as: WiFi deads spots, network intermittent connection drops, network device problems (such as printers) are unnecessarily a common occurrence. This service aims to rid you of your one-off connection problem, or a problem that you have been struggling with for sometime. Regardless, we know how to get you back on-line!

Setup & Configuration

Need a home network setup, or a networked device configured? This is the service for you. We have in-depth knowledge of advanced IT networking protocols that we can utilize to aid you. Common setup services include: WiFi setup & configuration, home-network setup, wire mapping a homes CAT (ethernet) cables, server setup, and more!


Need to know the ins and outs of your home network? Perhaps you wish to know how to use parental lock on devices connected to your network. Perhaps you wish to know if and how to make your network more secure. Or perhaps you are generally curious on IT concepts pertaining to your network and need a tutor. We are here for you!

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